Hello, I’m Rachel, the founder of Sidekick for Hire, LLC®. I’m a travel fanatic, an animal enthusiast, and a big fan of themed events. And above all, I’m a natural-born Sidekick.

My origin story: 

From an early age, I wanted to help everyone I knew with tasks big and small. With a love of meeting new people, a knack for empathy, and a zest for life, I’ve been the Sidekick to many fantastic personal Heroes over the years.

After graduating with a B.A. from Texas A&M University, I served for over a decade in a variety of roles at national U.S. nonprofits and trade associations honing key Sidekick Superpowers like event planning, project management, travel coordination, writing and editing, and administrative support. My skills didn’t go unnoticed and friends and family often asked me to stand by their side as they rushed into the many pivotal plot points of life: coordinating the details for parties and weddings; organizing moves; and crafting their perfect vacation (even Heroes need a break, you know).

And so I created Sidekick for Hire®, providing my expertise to support more Heroes – both individuals and nonprofits – free up time so that they can focus on the many ways they are saving the world. My motivating goal is to help people by making the tough stuff easier, and the fun stuff even better!

Contact me today – you might be surprised by how much an experienced, educated Sidekick can accomplish in just an hour or two. You might even say it’s faster than a speeding bullet.

Photo by Julie DiCarlo Photography

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