It’s okay if you have questions – it would be an honor to work with such a discerning Superhero!

Where are you located?

Sidekick for Hire, LLC, is based in the Washington, DC, metro area, and loves to travel – please inquire! Plus, with so much fantastic technology at our fingertips, much of our work together can be done virtually. In fact, we’ve worked with clients and in venues all across the U.S.

What kind of small businesses and nonprofits have you worked with?

Clients (past and present) have included: fire service non-profits and associations, a health advocacy non-profit, an international diplomacy NGO, a property management company, an insurance agency, an online store owner, an English as a Second Language school, and more. We love learning about new industries!

This all sounds great, I can’t wait to get started. One question: what do you need from me?

During our initial conversation, we can discuss what projects and/or events you have coming up and the time frame. Then we’ll send you a proposal for review. Once you accept, you’ll just need to share any required information (i.e. event date and venue info, travel dates and requirements, key contacts, etc.). Payment terms vary depending on client needs (flat fee, retainer, or hourly). Throughout our time working together, we will keep you updated on the status via phone, email, and shared document tools/apps. For local clients, we also enjoy face-to-face meetings when time allows us to do so!

What tools do you use to stay connected?

Sidekick for Hire currently uses email, phone, text, Google Drive, and a variety of video-conferencing tools with clients. We’re always open to learning new tools to best help our clients!

So when do you call for backup?

Accounting and car maintenance. Without a doubt.

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