Category: Instructional Design

  • Whole Home Safety eLearning Module

    Whole Home Safety eLearning Module

    This training prepares fire departments to educate residents so they can reduce preventable injuries and deaths in the home, with a primary focus on fire and references to falls, poisonings, drownings, choking, and firearms. I researched, designed, and delivered the full presentation. Access the full training at (login required).

  • Family Leadership Learning Modules

    Family Leadership Learning Modules

    This series of interactive modules, videos, and blogs was developed to provide participants with the knowledge, tools, and resources that they need to enhance their abilities to serve as family leaders within the genetics healthcare delivery system. This full-cycle project was developed using ADDIE, with e-learning modules built in the Absorb Create platform. View the…

  • Invited Guest Lecturer: Teaching, Learning, Pedagogy and the Future

    Invited Guest Lecturer: Teaching, Learning, Pedagogy and the Future

    This presentation was created for a facilitated session during a special seminar as part of NSF-funded research project called “Collaborative Research and Education Architecture for Transformative Engagement with STS (CREATE STS).” The goal of this project was to bridge STEM and humanities via collaborative pedagogy development, drawing on the field of Science, Technology, and Society…

  • eLearning Project in Articulate Rise 360

    eLearning Project in Articulate Rise 360

    This eLearning project was built in Articulate Rise360 to provide a comprehensive introduction to building a U.S. resume for adult English learners. Using learning theory and Rise360’s built-in blocks, I created a dynamic, interactive learning module. I began by creating SMART objectives (using key verbs from Bloom’s Taxonomy) and creating a lesson outline. The eLearning…

  • Interactive Learning Object

    Interactive Learning Object

    Interactive kiosk-style presentation for Adult English Learners Interactive Learning Objects (ILOs) allow learners to navigate and use information independently. This project, created in Microsoft PowerPoint, is structured to allow use on a kiosk or other non-attended presentation device. The content reviews many different components of jobs and careers in the United States, targeted to adult…

  • Screencast Presentation

    Screencast Presentation

    This presentation uses Screencast-O-Matic to capture a presentation describing how AHRD students can use Google Slides for their course presentations. I started by creating objectives and then using Microsoft Word to build a storyboard, planning each shot and instructional step to align with the objectives. To build the final presentation, I used Adobe Premiere Pro…

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